For the past three years we have been developing mobile applications for global Tourism Brands !

Our Goal is To distribute free and paid mobile applications globally for Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian and Apple's iPhone devices at competive rates

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development. iPhone/iPad, Android, J2ME, Symbian, BlackBerry, PSP (Android) and Google Internet TV (Android).

Symbian Applications: We have been developing Symbian and Java application for Sony Ericsson Play Now store, Nokia OVI store and the Samsung Application Store.

Android Applications: We currently distribute over one hundred Android applications via Oraneg Mobile (France Telecom), Telefonica Group, Vodafone Europe and Australia, Singapore Telecom (SingTel), Bharti Airtel India, PT Telkomsel Indonesia, Relliance Mobile India, Relliance Mobile, Maxis Malaysia, Telecom New Zealand, 3 Mobile Australia, Optus Mobile Australia,

BlackBerry: We have a direct distributioj channel with Cellmania Inc. permitting us to distribute both Blackerry builds but also Android and Symbian applications

iPhone Development: We focus on the development of Travel application for our clients

Quick Facts about EuroAsia Communications Pte Ltd

* Registered in the Republic of Singapore
* Fully Paid-up Calpital of S$ 250,000.00
* Management Team has ten years experience in the Mobile Web
* Clients in Thailand, Singapore, the UAE, Seychelles, England, Ireland and Switzerland.

Our newest Clients

* Bonnington Tower (Dubai)
* Asian Trails Ltd (Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia & China)